The average smoker spends well over $10,000 per year on their smoking habit!

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The Journey of 1000 Miles

Begins with a Single Step.

Lao Tzu

THE Quit Book

The complete solution in one book. THE book. To help YOU Quit Cigarettes NOW!

Set out to be used like a guided workbook, you get exercises to complete and questions to answer in an order that will help you to achieve clarity around your goals and your smoking habit as a whole.

By completing each section honestly, this book will dramatically increase your chances of taking your control back from cigarettes, setting you up for a mindset of success, and the ability to increase your health, your wealth and live a positive, empowered life free from cigarettes!

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If you’re a smoker or currently quitting smoking, then do yourself a favour and listen to my interview from The Author’s Show.

I’m officially famous ….. well not really but it’s still pretty cool 😂 I finally got the courage to listen to it myself, with my hubby beside me. I’m quite impressed with myself now, you couldn’t even tell how nervous I was. The first time is always the hardest, after that you know what to expect so it’s not so scary anymore.
I can officially say “I fought the fear and did it anyway” and I’m feeling very proud of myself right now. Success lies on the other side of fear after all!
Only a couple of years ago, my book was nothing but a dream. Today it’s an Amazon Best Seller*.
What can you do today that your future self will thank you for?

Small steps in the right direction, are better than no steps at all

Kelly Asmus-Albornoz
The Quit Book Author Kelly Asmus-Albornoz

Hi, I’m The Quit Lady

My name is Kelly Asmus-Albornoz and I used to be a smoker. Just before I gave up smoking successfully, I was smoking a packet of 40 per day! It took 7 attempts but on the 7th attempt I made up my mind and that was it! I’m now a non-smoker and have been for 17 years!

OK, it wasn’t even nearly as easy as that! In fact, it was really hard. Most of the people around me were smokers. My circle of friends, my partner at the time, our family members were mostly smokers. But I never once gave in. I put on 8 kilograms in 2 weeks due to cravings and switching the smoking hand-to-mouth habit, with a food hand-to-mouth habit.

So why was I successful the 7th time, but not the first 6 times? I wanted to give up, I had made up my mind finally. I had a serious health issue and decided once and for all that I did not want to smoke anymore. So now, I can share the life-changing secrets that I learned to help you.

I have written this book because I want to share my skills while empowering people around the world to become non-smokers and live happier, healthier and even wealthier lives.

I’m also the Mum of an angel and 2 healthy children, a wife and a photographer.

This book is kind of like ‘my heart on my sleeve’. The things I love and want to share with you are included within it’s pages.

Wishing you strength, determination and health.


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